Who We Are

35. Not a number at random, 35 means a lot, 35 are the years we have been in the real estate sector, representing the years behind us as successful professionals in the industry

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions a family find the perfect place and the perfect location for your business can be key to success, so it is important to select a company that guarantees safety, reliability, trust and personalized attention. In this sense, the experience allows us to live up to expectations and advise our customers to choose the best one.
We have developed and built over 1,510 properties from the first draft to the keys, making the technical, in-house or outsourcing execution, cost control, procedures and marketing. We have the crew, masons, and laborers of all industrial branches, and through these 35 years, we have acquired the knowledge to advise our clients trust and giving guidance on all real estate transactions

Offer our customers a product and service with the highest standards of quality, always responding to what looks to us to exceed your expectations and meet their needs. Modify the approach of traditional property management, moving towards management models 2.0 and integrated service oriented performance.

Distinguish ourselves by the quality, prestige and guarantee our products and real estate services. Maintaining our commitment to great service and the best results for our customers, owners, suppliers and partners.

Decalogue of corporate social responsibility:

• Ensure customer satisfaction
• Bringing sustainable management as it relates to relationships inter and environmental.
• Provide a professional and certified through the experience and skills of our team of estate managers, real estate professionals, economists, industrialists qualified borrowers.
• Comply with the contractual requirements of the clients, as well as laws and regulations.
• Implement policies that provide job satisfaction and safety for employees.
• Promote the creation of value, avoiding the costs caused by defective work, delays and generally all the activity that brings real added value.
• Evaluate the impact of "not good" for the continuous improvement of our products and services.
• Prevent pollution, evaluating the environmental impacts of activities in each area and establish actions that avoid or minimize impacts.

• Improving waste management, reducing its production, increasing reuse and encouraging recycling. 



- Manlleu: Av.Roma 83 bajos
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  08560 Manlleu
  e-mail: proman@promanweb.com

- Vic: Rambla dels Montcada 28 A bajos (El Portalet)
  Tel. 93 886 96 96
  08500 Vic
  e-mail: promanvic@promanweb.com